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Ammo and rifles….

I was sighting in my Thompson Compass 308 bolt action rifle yesterday. I had purchased 2 boxes of ammo on the recommendation of the store clerk at a local sports shop. The 1st was Federal Power Shok in 180 grains, … Continue reading

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4th of July day Fun

Ended up being called into the range when one of the on duty RSO’s came down sick. I was glad I went in, I was able to shoot this baby: That’s a semi-auto belt fed .50 caliber ‘assault rifle’. And … Continue reading

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Not in Alaska

A Sunday or two ago, the RSO on duty was in the booth watching the 6 rifle shooters in front of him. He heard gunshots that sounded like they were coming from behind him. He looked behind himself to make … Continue reading

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Fun at the range – golf ball guns

Two of my fellow RSOs have golf ball cannons, its a M44 Mosin Nagant with a iron tube welded to the bayonet lug. You cover a golf ball with a tissue/paper, push it into the tube, load up a blank … Continue reading

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The danger of squibs

Was on RSO shift yesterday, the pre-hunting season mania has calmed down. Had a ad there with Grandpa, an uncle, and his 4 kids. He was shooting a 12+ yr old Savage 17HMR bolt action rifle. They were using Hornady … Continue reading

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Practice practice practice

A regular brought her new BF to the range, she had given him a Kahr 10mm pistol. At 7 yards, he got 1 shot on paper. She tried, she managed to get 2 shots on paper, and this is while … Continue reading

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Another garage sale find

A different RSO showed me a black powder pistol he picked up at an estate sale. It was in a box on the wall as a decoration. He bought it for $10 and had it inspected. If it was original, … Continue reading

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Great garage sale find

A fellow RSO dropped in the range yesterday while I was on duty. He just had to tell someone about the garage sale find he stumbled upon. It was an old black powder musket, marked as made in the 1830’s … Continue reading

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New gun…

Last weekend two guys came in with 2 guns. 1 was new, just picked up, all shiny. The owner was all excited to shoot it. He setup at target @ 7 yards, one of the 5 bullseye targets, then proceeded … Continue reading

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Nice old rifle

A fellow RSO brought in his oldest rifle, a 1878 Springfield bolt action 45-70 rifle. It was in great shape, he actually has a brother who reloads and his brother made some low power rounds for this rifle. It was … Continue reading

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