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The AR-15: a great girlie gun ?!?

I was working at the range, in the morning an instructor told me he had 2 ladies coming in for training later that day. No problem. Later the day, two Grandmotherly ladies came into the lobby area. I greeted them … Continue reading

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The Red Line

I was in the booth, watching both sides of the range. There was a shooter in a rifle bay who wanted to shoot his pistol w/o having to move to the pistol area. I said that was OK. A little … Continue reading

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Rules for the range

The basic runs of the range are: Keep all firearms pointed up or downrange at all times. No crossing the red line for any reason until told to do so by an RSO. When the range is cold: No touching … Continue reading

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Range is cold The range is NOT safe to shoot. All personal must stay away from the benches and firearms. No handling firearms. No loading magazines. No using spotting scopes. If you are not tending targets, stay behind the yellow … Continue reading

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4 Basic Gun Rules

The 1st Law: The Gun Is Always Loaded. The 2nd Law: Never Point The Gun At Something You Are Not Prepared To Destroy. The 3rd Law: Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It. The 4th Law: … Continue reading

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