New gun…

Last weekend two guys came in with 2 guns. 1 was new, just picked up, all shiny. The owner was all excited to shoot it. He setup at target @ 7 yards, one of the 5 bullseye targets, then proceeded to make holes all over it.

He was shooting at the top left bullseye and hitting near the center bullseye when I walked over and heard him discussing with his friend that the sights are off. He was shooting awful and his friend was not much better. I asked if I could take a look at it and saw that the read sights can be adjusted for windage using a punch and hammer.

The owner suggest I try it, so I also aimed at the top left bullseye, put 5 shots in a 1″ group.

I turned to the owner and said ‘Sorry, looks like the gun is ok’.

It made the owner feel a little better that he did not get a bad gun, he just needs to practice.


I try to shoot at least 30 shots a shift, working at different distances and concentrating on double action with my revolver.

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