Practice practice practice

A regular brought her new BF to the range, she had given him a Kahr 10mm pistol. At 7 yards, he got 1 shot on paper. She tried, she managed to get 2 shots on paper, and this is while shooting several 7+ round clips each. And by paper I mean on the paper of the target, no where near the bullseye.

I was watching them, went over to ask and see if the sights can be adjusted. The rear sight can be adjusted for windage. I asked if I could try it, they agreed, so I shot 3 shots.

All 3 were almost on top of each other just slightly high and to the right of the bullseye, about .5″ from center. I think I did better with this pistol than with my own.

Just shows what practice can do, I’ve been an RSO for almost a year and try to shoot at least 50 rounds from my Ruger revolver weekly.  So I practice quite a lot.

Now I need to see how accurate I can be at 7 yards with my revolver..

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