The danger of squibs

Was on RSO shift yesterday, the pre-hunting season mania has calmed down. Had a ad there with Grandpa, an uncle, and his 4 kids.

He was shooting a 12+ yr old Savage 17HMR bolt action rifle. They were using Hornady 17HMR ammo. One of his sons had a problem with a a round, the bullet had been pushed in all the way into the case and the powder trickled out. The Dad checked it out, I was there and said looks like either 1 round was attempted to be chambered while another was in the chamber or the ammo was flaky.

Later I heard them talking about the rifle and sounded like there was a problem so I walked over. The Dad was shooting, had a squib round, he did not notice it, and fired again. The side of the rifle blew off,  luckily no one was injured, but the rifle was ruined. We used a rod to push both bullets out of the barrel, the brass was still in the chamber and the end of the case was blown out. I suggested he contact Savage and Hornady and see what they say.

A picture of the damage:

A Snr RSO went to a local gun shop, the guys at the shop say that bolt action Savage 17hmr have a problem with bullets getting stuck like this.

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