The AR-15: a great girlie gun ?!?

I was working at the range, in the morning an instructor told me he had 2 ladies coming in for training later that day. No problem. Later the day, two Grandmotherly ladies came into the lobby area. I greeted them and asked how they are doing and if they had been here before, they replied they had. I then asked how many firearms they had (expecting a handgun), and they said only their ARs, that they were here for some training.

I was rather surprised. We got them checked in, they came in and met their instructor and un-cased their ARs. They were nicely setup ARs. Not what I’d expect. Soon they were blasting away, and being quite accurate at 50 yards.

I found it funny, especially when one of them turned to me and said ‘The AR is a good girlie gun’.

That put a smile on my face the rest of the day.

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