Hairdo by .50 BMG

We have a regular who brings in her .50 BMG. Now a .50 BMG is an impressive rifle, they weigh in about 30 lbs and seem heavier than that. The bullet is quite large, see

for a size comparison.

And when it fires it gives off a very large wave of sound and pressure. All the BMGs I’ve seen have a muzzle break, which reduces recoil which is a good thing. I’ve not want to feel the full recoil. But the muzzle reduces the recoil, it just blows out the pressure wave sideways and backward. This can be quite distracting if you are the poor soul on the benches next to the BMG, or are even waling by because it will hit you and blows your hair all over. As well as give you a nice dusting of spent powder . Always fun.


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