Never make assumptions

A couple showed up to shoot, they had not been to the range before so had to go thru the safety spiel/etc. Younger couple, in their 20’s, had 2 new rifles to test out. I assumed (incorrectly) that the guy had brought along his wife/gf to teach her.

Boy was I wrong.

She has hunted in Utah, worked in small gun shops in Alaska, she also worked at a local large chain sports shop before getting tired of the politics.

He was the completely new one.

When I heard this, I sheepishly ducked my head and watched as she setup the scopes on the rifles, she knew what she was doing and knew more than I do about it.

Lesson: Don’t make assumptions!

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I was outside the shooting shack, giving the safety briefing to a bunch of new shooters.

The parking lot is at a higher level than the shooting shack, the level of the lot is about shoulder high.

So I’m jabbering away, and hear the sound of a rifle being cleared, I look to the parking lot, and there is a guy cycling his AR style rifle to make sure it is cleared. While the rifle is point at us!

I did not loose it, I went up to him and told him what he did and that I was going to bring the rifle into the lobby of the shed and put it in the gun rack there.

Jeesh… Things like that make my hair turn gray faster.

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Hairdo by .50 BMG

We have a regular who brings in her .50 BMG. Now a .50 BMG is an impressive rifle, they weigh in about 30 lbs and seem heavier than that. The bullet is quite large, see

for a size comparison.

And when it fires it gives off a very large wave of sound and pressure. All the BMGs I’ve seen have a muzzle break, which reduces recoil which is a good thing. I’ve not want to feel the full recoil. But the muzzle reduces the recoil, it just blows out the pressure wave sideways and backward. This can be quite distracting if you are the poor soul on the benches next to the BMG, or are even waling by because it will hit you and blows your hair all over. As well as give you a nice dusting of spent powder . Always fun.


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The AR-15: a great girlie gun ?!?

I was working at the range, in the morning an instructor told me he had 2 ladies coming in for training later that day. No problem. Later the day, two Grandmotherly ladies came into the lobby area. I greeted them and asked how they are doing and if they had been here before, they replied they had. I then asked how many firearms they had (expecting a handgun), and they said only their ARs, that they were here for some training.

I was rather surprised. We got them checked in, they came in and met their instructor and un-cased their ARs. They were nicely setup ARs. Not what I’d expect. Soon they were blasting away, and being quite accurate at 50 yards.

I found it funny, especially when one of them turned to me and said ‘The AR is a good girlie gun’.

That put a smile on my face the rest of the day.

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The Red Line

I was in the booth, watching both sides of the range. There was a shooter in a rifle bay who wanted to shoot his pistol w/o having to move to the pistol area. I said that was OK.

A little while later I looked down the line of rifle bays and here the guy is, 2 feet over the red line, blasting away at a portable target. Seriously? What part of ‘Do not cross the red line for any reason’ did he not understand? I called the range Cold and informed him of his mistake. He sheepishly said he goofed up…



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Rules for the range

The basic runs of the range are:

  • Keep all firearms pointed up or downrange at all times.
  • No crossing the red line for any reason until told to do so by an RSO.
  • When the range is cold:
    • No touching firearms.
    • No loading magazines.
    • No setting up/tweaking spotting scopes.
    • No touching anything on the shooting benches.
    • All firearms must be unloaded and all magazines removed.
    • Black power firearms must have the cap removed and put in the rifle rack.
    • Rifles with tube mags must be put into the rifle rack.
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  • Range is cold
    • The range is NOT safe to shoot.
    • All personal must stay away from the benches and firearms.
    • No handling firearms.
    • No loading magazines.
    • No using spotting scopes.
    • If you are not tending targets, stay behind the yellow line.
  • Range is hot
    • The range is now safe to shoot.
    • No crossing the red line (in front of the benches) for any reason.
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4 Basic Gun Rules

The 1st Law:
The Gun Is Always Loaded.

The 2nd Law:
Never Point The Gun At Something You Are Not Prepared To Destroy.

The 3rd Law:
Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It.

The 4th Law:
Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target.

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